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The South Anchorage church of Christ supports evangelism both at home and abroad.

Our Remote Ministries

Our overseas mission efforts are focused in three areas; support for a congregation in Kingston, Jamaica, support for a school of preaching in India and support for two different preachers in India. Members and elders from the congregation travel to these locations for review of the progress of the work taking place. We also support Mike and Vicki Ross who are working in the Campinas Metropolitan area of Brazil. They have been working there full-time since June 2012. Vicki first started visiting the area in May 1990 and Mike in May 1995. Mike made three trips to the area, and Vicki made eight before moving there. They currently live in Paulínia with their three teenage children Stephen, Cynthia, and Sabrina.

The Philologus School of Preaching, located in Srikakulam, India, provides a 1-year course of instruction to ten locally chosen men from the rural areas of the northern portion of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Historically our congregation supported individual preachers in this area for many years. In 2010 the Philologes School of Preaching was established after it was determined that training local men as preachers of the Word would be more effective. Sadguna Rao is the school’s Director and is assisted by his son Uttam. The school is housed in a small 4-room building, which is also where the students reside during their training. The South Anchorage church of Christ is the school’s sole source of support.

Brother R.Ch. Sadguna Rao is the preacher for the Srikakulam church of Christ. His contact information is:

Web site: http://www.srikakulamchurchofchrist.com/index.html
Email address: rchsadguna@rediffmail.com
Mailing Address:
Srikakulam church of Christ
Mig: 355, near: Z.P.
Andhra Pradesh, India

Our Local Ministries

Locally in Alaska our congregation supports the East Homer church of Christ on the Kenai Peninsula and the Seward church of Christ. We provide support for Colten Wilson, a student at the Memphis School of Preaching and Eric Lyon with Apologetic Press in Montgomery, Alabama.

Also, a unique ministry of Mike Glenn's, Lighting The Fire, is supported. This is a counseling program for preachers to help them strengthen and enrich their skills and abilities in working with congregations.

The youth of the congregation have also been involved in our Missions and Ministries efforts and have participated in various activities that have included; mission work in Lima, Peru and New York City, Vacation Bible School support for congregations in the Fairbanks area and visitation with other local congregations.

Each year our congregation participates in a state-wide lectureship that involves most of the other church of Christ congregations throughout Alaska. The lectureship, which follows a preacher and elder workshop, is a long weekend of singing, bible study and other activities. Because of Alaska’s size, remoteness and its scattering of church of Christ congregations, many families and individuals look forward to this intense period of fellowship to renew friendships and refocus their study of God’s Word.

Our congregation also supports broadcasts on a local television channel of the programs, The Truth in Love, which originates from Bedford, Texas and is a part of the Gospel Broadcasting Network, and In Search of the Lord's Way, which is a television ministry of the Edmond church of Christ in Edmond, Oklahoma. In Alaska, the local channel is rebroadcast via the Dish Network to all Alaskan users of that network. Web sites for these programs may be reached here; http://www.ttil.tv/ and http://www.searchtv.org/.

Additionally, members within the congregation individually support preachers and mission works in Mexico and the Philippines.